Do you crave the rush of power one feels beneath the cloak of anonymity?
Follow these simple steps to make your own Zeke-style mask and experience the incredible freedom of stepping out into the world as a superhero!

First gather these materials:

crayons and/or markers
construction paper
hole punch
yarn, string, elastic, or a rubber band

1. Draw the shape of your favorite super-hero’s mask on cardboard, in roughly the size of your head. Your recycling bin is a great source of easy to use cardboard. We recommend empty cracker or cereal boxes. It is often a good idea to include two square tabs just above ear level to make your mask easily wearable. Cut it out. Don’t forget to include eyeholes.

2. Lay down some construction paper in your super-hero’s colors and trace your cardboard cutout. Cut out the construction paper shape.

3. Glue the cardboard and construction paper together. This is the foundation of your mask.

4. Use crayons or markers to add decorative details to your mask. Get creative! You can also add more cardboard elements to give your mask some dimension.

5. Punch holes in your mask just above ear level.

6. Tie some string in the holes you have punched so that you can wear your mask.
For optimum comfort, we recommend yarn:
Tie one length of yarn to each hole. To wear, position mask at the front of your face and tie the two pieces of yarn together in the back of your head. Having two pieces of string allows the mask to fit heads of various sizes and to tighten or loosen your mask as you desire.
For secure fit (useful when performing feats of strength or general heroism) we recommend elastic (available in craft stores, sometimes with sewing supplies in drug stores) or a rubber band that you have cut so it is one long strand:
Tie ends of rubber band or elastic to the holes in your mask. To wear, pull elastic over your head and position mask as desired.

7. Finish off your outfit with whatever accessories will make you feel the most fabulous and indestructible. Zeke favors scarves or dish towels as capes and socks worn as gloves. He also enjoys wearing a gold sequined “utility” belt which is very handy for strapping on any weapons or any important equipment (e.g. a batarang or possibly a length of rope) that you might need in the performance of your heroic duties.

8. Step out into the world, feel the wind at your front (so that your cape ripples behind you heroically), and use your powers for good (unless of course you have chosen to be a super-villain).

Have Fun!


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